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Welcome our new partner Shop2App


If you want to keep your customers happy, Shop2App is the tool for you.

Our mobile app has helped us build a strong reputation and today we are excited to announce our official partnership with this amazing new app.

Shopify has created the perfect platform to improve customer retention. Customers can connect more with the brand, order more frequently and manage subscriptions more conveniently. We’ve designed loyalty programs that promote desirable customer behaviors and drive measurable increases in Lifetime Value. We’ve also made it easier to convert customers and boost sales with saved user accounts and faster checkouts on mobile. Plus, you can collect and leverage reviews, ratings, and Q&A with powerful integrations. And it’s all seamless with leading Subscription Platforms such as Recharge Apps, ARPU, Rebuy and more. Today we sat down with Ankit Minocha, Shop2App’s founder and CEO to learn more about this great new tool.